Review: JB Ah Meng Restaurant (Singapore)

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JB Ah Meng Restaurant

is a very famous tze char store that is frequented by celebrities and top chefs including Michelin star rated ones. Definitely an excellent choice.

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Famous JB San Lou Mee Hoon

This fried mee hoon is something really good to rave about. It has an assortment of prawns, cuttlefish, shredded pork, eggs, vegetables on the inside. Fried to a dry texture and flattened like a large pancake with slightly charred and crispy outsides, but soft inside. Tastes slightly sweet with flavours of dried shrimps and good wok hei. Highly recommended.

Famous Fried Garlic Chilli Clams (Lala)

Soft and chewy with a garlic and spicy chilli padi flavoured sauce. I am not exactly a clams person but this is really tasty. Mix some of the sauce with their san lou mee hoon and it is heavenly. Both thumbs up.

Salted Egg Prawn Ball

This salted egg prawn ball has a nice crispy salted egg batter on the outside with soft juicy prawn meat inside. Unlike salted egg dishes from others which tends to be overly heavy, this has a light balanced taste. It even comes with sweet corn bits that are fried with the same flavours in the same way, crispy outside and soft crunchy sweet corn inside. I love this.

Deep Fried Fermented Bean Pork Belly

This pork belly has a crispy breaded batter outside, tender and juicy meat inside with excellent flavours. Very good.

Location: JB Ah Meng Restaurant