Review: Ji Ji Noodle House (Singapore)



Hong Lim Food Centre Singapore

Ji Ji Noodle House

is a well known noodles stall selling wanton mee since 1965.


Wanton Mee

This is the signature wanton mee from Ji Ji Noodle House. This bowl of wanton mee comes with char siew slices, both soup wanton and fried wanton, minced meat, mushroom slices and some vegetables with a small bowl of lightly savour tasting soup on the side.

The noodles are mixed with fried shallots and lard with a chilli that is salty and limey. The noodles are a bit undercooked though. It is springy but a bit hard. A bit lumpy too.

The char siew used are the lean meat type. It is rather tough and not tender at all. The mushroom slices and minced meat tastes quite decent. The fried wanton is has a nice crispy skin and is chewy with the meat fillings, but can’t exactly taste the meat and the wanton skin has a very mild alkaline taste. The soup wanton is nicer with soft skin and nicely flavoured moist meat filling.

This wanton mee isn’t exactly lousy but it isn’t good either. This is at most just an average kind of likeable.

Chicken Cutlet Curry Noodles

Besides their signature wanton mee, Ji Ji Noodle House serves other noodles too. Shown here is their chicken cutlet curry noodles with extra fried wanton dumplings added.

First impression matters. This chicken cutlet smells really good. It has a nice crispy skin, moist meat and nice flavours. Unfortunately it gets soft rather quickly in the curry sauce.

The curry sauce is lightly spicy and mildly savoury with nice coconut milk flavours. Comes with some tau pok pieces and vegetables. The noodles used are the wanton mee type, It is springy and tastes really nice with the curry sauce. The fried wanton tastes nice with the curry sauce too.

Personally I prefer this over their signature wanton mee. This one is so likeable.


Chicken Cutlet Curry Noodles


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Ji Ji Noodle House


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