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People’s Park Food Centre Chinatown Complex Food Centre Singapore

116 Shao La

sells the usual siu mei meats like char siew, siu yuk, etc with rice or noodles. Quite ordinary though.

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Char Siew & Siu Yuk Rice

116 Shao La sells the regular choices of siu mei meats with either rice or noodles. Shown here is their char siew and siu yuk with rice.

I’ve requested for fatty char siew, and the char siew slices that I’ve received here are lean with meaty and sweet flavours. Big fail for fatty char siew. If I’m to rate these as lean meat char siew, it is too meaty and dry, missing the softness and tenderness of a good char siew. This is at most average to me and totally skippable.

The siu yuk is better than their char siew. It has fairly crispy skin with moist and meaty flesh, slightly savoury flavours. I don’t exactly consider this good, but it is still quite decent.

The rice given is just plain white rice with some char siew sauce added. An optional spicy and salty tasting chilli paste can be served on the side. Overall still a like rating as the siu yuk is decent. However this isn’t something that I would recommend. There are better choices out there.


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116 Shao La


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