Review: KL Zheng Ji Amy Yip Big Bao (Singapore)

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KL Zheng Ji Amy Yip Big Bao

is a stall selling Malaysia style dim sum. It is another stall that has Amy Yip Big Bao as their signature bao.

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Amy Yip Pau vs Big Pau

This Amy Yip Pau is huge, just like the real Amy Yip’s assets, it is definitely more than a handful.

The Amy Yip pau contains juicy meat fillings with water chestnut bits and mushrooms, with half a hardboiled egg and two slices of lap cheong. It is so juicy inside that its sauce is dripping. Tastes pretty good too. This pau is so large and filling that it can make a very hearty meal on its own.

The big pau in comparison is puny, though actually it is of decent size. Just like its larger sibling, it contains the same meat fillings and a quarter half boiled egg instead of half.

In my opinion, this KL Amy Yip Pau tastes better than the more well known Nam Kee Pau’s JB Amy Yip Pau. Recommended.



Char Siew Pau

This is a petite size char siew bao with sweet char siew flavours and tender char siew bits. I like it.

Kong Bak Pau

The kong pak bao has a nicely flavoured piece of braised pork belly sandwiched in between the steam bun. The braised pork is soft and tender with some bits of fat. It is nice.


Dim Sum – Siu Mai

KL Zheng Ji Amy Yip Big Bao sells two types of siu mai – the regular type of Singapore/Malaysia style with just pork filling and the other with pork and prawn filling.

The regular siu mai has juicy and tender pork meat fillings with nice savoury flavours with a hint of sweetness. The siu mai with prawn has the same salty and mildly sweet flavoured pork filling with an additional tiny piece of prawn.


Lo Mai Gai

This is the Singapore/Malaysia style lo mai gai. It has decent savoury flavours with soft glutinous rice and soft chicken meat. It also comes with a slice of mushroom which differs slightly from other regular chicken glutinous rice.

Fan Choy

Fan choy is steamed rice, topped with slices of char siew and a quarter hard boiled egg. There is a sweet taste coming out of the char siew sauce from the toppings. Tastes decent.

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KL Zheng Ji Amy Yip Big Bao


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