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Nam Kee Pau

specialises in traditional handmade pau using recipe originating from Nam Kee Pau Johor Bahru, Malaysia. They are a chain store with many outlets located throughout Singapore. The outlet at Valley Point is where their pau is freshly made in the kitchen.

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Amy Yip Pau vs Big Pau

Amy Yip Pau is Nam Kee Pau’s signature pau (steam bun). It is a cheeky reference to 1990s Hong Kong porn actress Amy Yip’s huge assets. Just like Amy Yip’s assets, this pau is huge. You can see from the image above comparing Amy Yip Pau with a regular Big Pau. It is really huge. Amy Yip Pau is filled with juicy pork meat, half a boiled egg and a slice of lap cheong (Chinese sausage). The portions are huge and this pau can easily be a full meal.

Big Pau is the much smaller sibling. Just like Amy Yip Pau, it comes with a filling of juicy pork meat with a quarter slice of boiled egg. The portions may be much smaller, but it is equally tasty.

Char Siew Pau

This Char Siew Pau has sweet and soft char siew fillings inside and tastes decent. The salty taste in its sweet char siew filling is a spoiler though. A little less saltiness would have made this a better tasting cha siew pau. Overall, still a decent tasting char siew pau.

Red Bean Paste Pau & Lotus Paste Pau

Red Bean Paste Pau and Lotus Paste Pau are lousy. They have probably been left in the steamer for way too long. Its skin is soggy and I can taste water soaking in the pau’s skin. Huge failure. The taste of the red bean paste and lotus paste fillings are passable though. Nothing to rave about.

Lo Mai Gai

This Lo Mai Gai (Chicken Glutinous Rice) is the version commonly found in Singapore and Malaysia, not the traditional Hong Kong Cantonese version that is wrapped in lotus leaf. The glutinous rice is cooked nicely and is soft, with bits of chicken meat on top. It tastes alright.

Siu Mai

Just average tasting pork siu mai. This is also the localised Singapore and Malaysia version that contains only pork meat in a wanton wrapper. There are no other fillings with the siew mai. If you like spicy, try it with a chilli sauce dip.


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