Review: Lau Chong Kee Confectionery (Singapore)

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Lau Chong Kee Confectionery

is an old style confectionery selling chinese pastries. It is well known for its custard pastries.

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Custard Pie

This custard pie is baked with a chinese style crust that is thin, flaky and crispy. Nicely flavoured custard with a well balanced level of sweetness that is not overly sweet.

Custard Bun

If you would like to have something with a little more substance, their famous custard is also available in a bun format. A hollowed out soft bun filled with same tasty custard. It is nice.

Custard Puff

If a pie and bun is not to your fancy, there is also a custard puff. Just like its siblings, nice tasty custard is sandwiched in between a choux pasty puff. Do note that this is chinese style puff, where the pasty puff is soft. Quite nice too, but personally I do prefer the custard pie and custard bun over this.


Egg Tart

This is a petite size egg tart with a cookie crust. Its egg custard tastes decent but its cookie crust is kind of soft with just lightly crunchy. This is just average.

Char Siew Sou

This char siew sou has a nice flaky crust filled with nicely flavoured char siew bits. Quite good.

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Lau Chong Kee Confectionary


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