Review: Margaret Drive Chicken Rice (Singapore)

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice: Hainanese Chicken Rice & Chilli

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Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

is supposingly famous and serves good chicken rice. However this is a huge disappointment and one of the worst ever chicken rice.

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Hainanese Chicken Rice

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice is supposed to be famous and serves tasty hainanese chicken rice. However it is a huge misconception. This stall sells only the white type of hainanese chicken. I’ve ordered the chicken drumstick, which isn’t properly deboned. I had expected something juicy and smooth, as chicken drumstick itself is usually juicy with smooth and tender flesh. This chicken meat is hardly juicy, not smooth and barely tender. Fail.

Now for the rice. Normally, a chicken rice is cooked with chicken oil giving it a nice fragrance and flavours. However this rice is not fragrant at all and rather bland. In fact, it could be said that this rice is tasteless. The rice is not cooked properly either, it is way too soft with too much moisture. Yet another failure. Also, do take note that there is no soup provided with this hainanese chicken rice.

After tasting this chicken rice, I find it hard to believe that they have been in business since 1978. With such mediocre chicken rice, it is quite amazing that they are still in business now. Honestly, you can get much better tasting chicken rice using hainanese chicken rice seasoning packs from supermarkets.

Thumbs down!


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Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

40 Holland Drive

Singapore 270040

#01-22 (closed)
Havelock Road FC

Singapore 162022


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