Guide: Havelock Road Food Centre (Singapore)


Havelock Road Food Centre

Complete List and Directory of All 30 Stalls.
Includes Reviews and Ratings.


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Not Rated

Ah Khoo Hot & Cold Drink

Not Rated

Havelock Turtle Soup

Not Rated

Covent Garden Kway Chap

Not Rated

Du Du Cooked Food

Not Rated

Ivan’s Porridge

Not Rated

Siam Square Mookata

Not Rated

Yu Mei Mei Shi

Not Rated

Sheng Hua Hot & Cold Beverages

Not Rated

Lea Seng Coffee Stall

Not Rated

IAAI Malay Food



Not Rated

Hup Kiat Traditional Popiah Skin

Not Rated

Ri Ri Fresh Fruit

Former Stalls:


Havelock Road Food Centre


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Guide: Havelock Road Food Centre (Singapore)


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