Review: Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake (Singapore)

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Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake

started in 1962, is one of the few places in Singapore that makes fuzhuo style oyster cakes fuzhou style. It is quite a popular stall located in Maxwell Food Centre.

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Fuzhou Oyster Cake

This oyster cake has been improvised over the years. Its filling now includes chopped oysters mixed with minced meat and a shrimp. Its filling is moist with tasty flavours of oysters, housed inside a thin fluffy and crispy fried crust that is topped with some peanuts. It is crispy and chewy on the outside, meaty, moist and flavourful inside. The stall is constantly making and frying these in the background in small quantities so that the oyster cakes remains fresh and crispy. Thumbs up.

Location: Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake