Review: Mei Le Yuan Desserts (Singapore)

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Mei Le Yuan Desserts

located at Redhill Food Centre, sells popular local style desserts that are nice and refreshing.

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Mango with Longan

This Longan with Mango fruits is nice. The mango flavoured syrup mixes up well with the taste of longan. Very refreshing on a hot warm day.


This Chendol is quite nice too. The gula melaka with coconut milk mixture has nice flavours and not too sweet. Comes with the usual ingredients of black jelly, green jelly, red bean, attap chee and sweet corn.


Ice Jelly Cocktail

This ice jelly cocktail has pretty nice flavours. It is mildly sweet and a dash of green lime juice makes this really refreshing. Nice.

Soursop Cocktail

The soursop used here are the canned ones with very strong syrup tastes, that is overly sweet and overly sour. Cocktail fruits are just your regular canned cocktail fruits. This one is just average.



Mei Le Yuan Desserts


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