Review: Gu Zao Chua Bing (Singapore)

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Gu Zao Chua Bing

sells quite a variety of cold and hot desserts. Just ordinary average tastes though.

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Ice Kachang

This ice kachang is pretty standard fare. Comes with sweet corn, green jelly, black grass jelly, attap chee and red beans stacked with a small mountain of ice shavings. It is topped with the usual syrup in different colours and condensed milk. It is hard to go wrong with ice kachang.



This chendol is honestly quite bad. It doesn’t taste like chendol at all. It has sweet corn, green jelly and red bean topped on a bowl of ice shavings with some coconut milk. However there is no gula melaka, at least I can’t taste any in it. This is not even an ice kachang with coconut milk added. Fail.


Ice Jelly

This is an average tasting ice jelly. The jelly on its own is quite bland. However squeeze in the green lime juice and it turns out to be quite refreshing. Just ordinary though.

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Gu Zao Chua Bing


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