Review: Pete’s Western Food (Singapore)

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ABC Brickworks Food Centre Singapore

Pete’s Western Food

does western food with the usual choice of meats. Grilled or deep fried. Decent.

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Chicken Chop

This chicken chop is nicely grilled with mildly crispy sides and skin. Its meat is moist and has nice seasoning flavours. Comes with a special seasoning sauce added that is slightly savoury with a slight note of sweet. This chicken chop is quite likeable.

On the sides are a serving of coleslaw, baked beans and fries. The coleslaw is crunchy and moist with a slightly sweet taste. The baked beans are the regular canned ones. As for the fries, lightly salty and slightly crispy but mostly soft.

Chicken Cutlet

The fried chicken cutlet has nice seasoning flavours and moist meat. It has a crispy breaded crust and flavourful crispy chicken skin. It is rather nice.

Pork Cutlet

Just like the fried chicken cutlet, this fried pork cutlet has a nice crispy breaded crust with moist meaty flesh. Nice seasoning flavours as well. Tastes decent.

Fish & Chips

The fish and chips is served with a wedge of lemon and a dollop of mayonnaise. It has a nice crispy breaded crust and moist fish meat with flavourful seasoning. It is decently nice too.


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