Review: JWS Grille Factory (Singapore)

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🖓 Lousy

JWS Grille Factory

is a chain store selling Western cuisine with several outlets located in Singapore. Probably one of the worst I’ve ever eaten.

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Signature Chicken Burger

This signature chicken burger has a piece of grilled chicken with melted cheese and a slice of pineapple sandwiched in between a toasted bun. Visually it looks good, but looks are really deceiving here. This burger is lousy. The buns are soggy, which to me is a big failure in a burger. Although I can taste a bit of pepper in the chicken meat, it tastes just average. The only thing that tastes decent is probably the melted cheese. If this is their signature dish, I pity them. It is truly awful. Comes with 2 sides as well. The fries are soft and soggy. The mashed potatoes are terrible. I can taste the powder that it is made from. Both thumbs down.


Sirloin Steak

This sirloin steak is supposed to be cooked medium rare. However it is overly cooked, tastes bland and dry. The added mushroom sauce tastes average and doesn’t offer any help at all. Comes with 2 sides of mashed potatoes and cauliflowers with sweet corn. Both tastes subpar. Big fail.

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JWS Grille Factory


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