Review: Redhill Fresh Soya Bean (Singapore)


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Redhill Food Centre Singapore

Redhill Fresh Soya Bean

does basic soya beancurd and soya milk that are freshly made everyday. Tastes nice too.

Soya Beancurd

Redhill Fresh Soya Bean does only the most basic type of soya beancurd with just sugar syrup added. There are no other fancy toppings and flavours to choose from. This soya beancurd has a very smooth texture and tastes sweet with the added sugar syrup. Simple yet lovely.

Soya Milk

Likewise, the soya milk is available in its most basic form without any extra flavours to choose from. It is just a choice of the amount of sugar syrup that you want added in or totally without. This soya milk tastes decent tastes and is fairly thick. If you like soya milk with stronger tastes of soya bean, you may want to forego the sugar syrup or ask for less sweet.

Both soya beancurd and soya milk are freshly made everyday and tastes lovely. An extra bonus is, they are both affordably priced. Recommended.


Soya Milk & Soya Beancurd


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