Review: SG Soya Sauce Chicken Rice (Singapore)

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SG Soya Sauce Chicken Rice

serves delicious soya sauce chicken rice. Their soya sauce chicken is mouthwatering good.

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Soya Sauce Chicken Rice

SG Soya Sauce Chicken Rice sells really good soya sauce chicken. You can order just the chicken from them or with rice.

The rice set comes with a plate of fragrant chicken rice and a bowl of nice savoury flavoured soup. The chicken isn’t deboned and has smooth and tender meat. It is drenched in nicely flavoured soya sauce with a mild sweet taste, mixes well with the rice too. In my opinion, the chicken skin is highlight. It is smooth and fully flavoured, soaking up the soya sauce seasoning. If you like spicy, you can give their chilli sauce a go. It is spicy with strong garlic tastes, and goes well with this chicken. This is a good soya sauce chicken for sure.

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SG Soya Sauce Chicken Rice


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