Review: Shun Xing Vegetarian Fried Dough (Singapore)

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Bukit Merah Central Food Centre Singapore

Shun Xing Vegetarian Fried Dough

sells fried dough snacks. Their ham chim peng is available in a handful of flavours.

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You Tiao

The you tiao here is not the fluffy airy type but the solid and chewy type. It has pockets crispiness outside with nice savour flavours. Not bad.

Butterfly Bun

As for the butterfly bun, it has a mildly sweet flavour with some sesame seeds coated on the outside. It has a chewy texture but unfortunately it is soft. It will be better if it has some crispiness to it. This is just ordinary.

Ham Chim Peng

Shun Xing Vegetarian Fried Dough does 5 different flavours of ham chim peng. All the flavours are shown as below:


This is the traditional ham chim peng without any fillings inside. It has a nice savour flavour, has a chewy texture and some crispiness outside. Quite likeable.

Red Bean

The red bean ham chim peng is another traditional flavour. This is the sweet version of the plain salty counterpart. This ham chim peng has a nice red bean taste and mildly sweet. The bun has the usual savoury flavours and is chewy. Although it is soft and isn’t crispy, it is still quite nice.

Green Bean

This uses a green bean paste instead of the usual red bean paste. Even lighter sweetness compared with the red bean version. Same salty bun that is chewy and soft. Just decent. Personally I prefer the red bean version over this.

Coffee Bean

This coffee flavoured ham chim peng is something different. It uses a nice coffee flavoured red bean paste. Has the same savoury bun that is chewy and soft without any crispiness. Leaves a sweet aftertaste. I like its tastes.

Pandan Bean

This is yet another interesting flavour. It has a nice pandan flavoured filling inside that tastes sweet with light coconut flavours. Somewhat like kaya but it isn’t exactly your regular kaya. With the usual savoury and soft bun. I quite like this too.

Sesame Ball Peanut

This sesame ball has a chewy and sticky crust that is coated with sesame seeds and is crispy but quite oily. The peanut filling is mildly sweet and a bit too little. Better if there is a little bit more filling inside.

Sesame Ball Red Bean

Similarly to the peanut sesame ball, this has a sticky and chewy crust that is coated with sesame seeds and is crispy. Instead of peanuts, red bean paste is used for its filling. It has a nice sweet red bean flavour but yet not overly sweet. I like this one over the one with peanut filling.


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