Review: Xi De Li (Singapore)

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You Tiao

Xi De Li started selling you tiao in the 1920s. This you tiao is quite crispy with a chewy texture and mild salty flavours. It is a bit on the oily side though.

Ham Chim Peng

Another traditional fried dough snack is ham chim peng usually available in 2 flavours, salty or sweet. This is the sweet version with red bean paste filling. This ham chim peng has a thick chewy flour base with mildly sweet taste of red bean paste. Tastes quite ordinary though.

Butterfly Bun

Butterfly bun is yet another traditional fried dough snack. This is a fried bun that is coated with sesame seeds with a very mild sweet taste. It has a chewy texture, probably a bit too chewy for my taste. Also, it is not crispy at all. The sesame seeds coating gives this a very very light crisp that is almost non-existent. Just average.

Goreng Pisang

The goreng pisang here is quite nice. It has a light and crispy batter coating a soft and sweet banana inside. I like this.

Tapioca Cake Fritter

Similarly, this tapioca cake fritter has a light and crispy batter coating a piece of soft and chewy tapioca cake. Has a nice light sweet taste. I like this too.

Curry Puff

This is a vegetarian curry puff that contains just curry potatoes and no meat. The curry puff has a thin crust which unfortunately is soft. Its curry potato filling has a spicy and sweet taste. This is at most average.

Spring Roll

This spring roll has a filling of white radish and carrot shreds with mushroom slices. The filling as a light sweet taste. However its skin is soft and oily. At most it is average.

Fried Carrot Cake

This piece of fried carrot cake has probably been over fried. Its skin is hard and it isn’t crispy at all. It has a mild salty taste. Definitely average.


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