Review: The Dark Gallery (Singapore)

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The Dark Gallery

is a very sinful place for chocolate lovers. It has many varieties of chocolates sourced from around the world.


Ice Cream

Signature Chocolate Ice Cream

These are their signature ice cream. Both Signature 80 Dark Chocolate and Signature 38 Milk Chocolate are rich and savoury. So full of chocolatey goodness. Yummy!

Sur Del Lago 88 Dark Chocolate

This dark chocolate ice cream uses single origin chocolate with an intense cocoa and oak taste. This is absolutely nirvana for dark chocolate lovers.

Tanzania 75 Dark Chocolate

This single origin dark chocolate from Tanzania is lifted by floral notes. The dark chocolate ice cream is a perfect balance of acidity and intensity.

Venezuela 72 Dark Chocolate

This is a single origin dark chocolate ice cream made from Venezuela 72% dark chocolates that has a nice rich and intense flavours, with hints of woody and bittersweetness.

Ghana 68 Dark Chocolate

This dark chocolate ice cream is made from single origin Ghana 68% dark chocolate with warm and intense chocolate notes and a delicate bitter presence. Nice!

Madagascar 64 Dark Chocolate

This is a single origin dark chocolate ice cream. The mild intensity and citrus fruitiness of this Madagascan dark chocolate leaves you wanting more.


Dulcey 32 White Chocolate

This white chocolate ice cream is smooth, creamy and velvety to taste. Definitely better than most white chocolate ice cream.

Dark Chocolate Mint

This dark chocolate mint ice cream has rich dark chocolate tastes and nice minty flavours. Very nicely balanced.


This Japanese brown rice green tea ice cream has a rich roasted tea taste which comes from roasted brown rice kernels mixed with green tea. It is a must-try for tea lovers.

Japanese Matcha

This Japanese matcha ice cream uses fine grade matcha, giving it a nice intense matcha tea flavours. If you like tea, you would probably like this. Recommended.

Salted Peanut Butter

For all peanut butter lovers, this is an ice cream made just for you. It is subtly salty with rich creamy peanut butter taste. Heavenly.

Sea Salt Butterscotch

This ice cream has savoury notes of sea salt matched perfectly with the buttery sweetness of caramel. Nice!

Piedmontese Hazelnut

Made using hazelnuts from Piedmont, this rich and creamy ice cream has strong hazelnut flavours. Very nice if you like a rich nutty taste.

Caramel Latte

This has nice latte flavours with tiny chewy bits of caramel. Flavours mixes up very nicely and it is not too sweet. Nice.

Red Velvet

This red velvet ice cream is rich, chocolatey and cakey. Indulging in this American dessert is pure bliss. I like it!


This is a very nice strawberry ice cream. Creamy, tangy not overly sweet. Can almost taste the freshness of whole strawberries. Thumbs up.

Passionfruit & Basil Sorbet

This has nice sweet tarty flavours with strong tastes of passionfruit. It is something refreshing for your palate.


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The Dark Gallery

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