Review: The Social Space (Singapore)

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Kreta Ayer Singapore

The Social Space

 is a socially conscious multi-concept store with a rather ordinary tasting cafe. Nothing special.


Toasted Banana Peanut Butter Toast

This piece of toast has a peanut butter spread and topped with slices of banana, toasted coconut flakes, Maldon sea salt and honey. Crispy toast with nutty peanut butter flavours with salty undertones of sea salt and sweet flavours of banana and honey. Quite likeable.

Tahini Billionaire Bar

This is a bitesize buttery shortcake cookie that is topped with caramel that is mixed with tahini butter with a layer of lightly sweet chocolate. Crunchy texture, sweet tasting and quite likeable.

Almond Milk Cold Brew Coffee

This cold brew coffee is provided by 1DegreeC, supposedly handcrafted and steeped with freshly roasted coffee grounds for over 16 hours with no sugar added. It has rather strong almond flavours that is overpowering whatever mild coffee flavours there is. Its flavours isn’t nicely balanced and is not something that I would recommend.

Macadamia, Almond & Date Nut Milk

This is a glass of macadamia, almond & date nut-milk that is made fresh in-house, all natural with no added sugar, preservatives or additives. Tastes like bland soya bean, with no tastes of almond, macadamia and dates. I can’t even taste a hint of macadamia, almond and dates. Was expecting mild nutty flavours with a hint of sweetness coming from the dates, but can’t taste any of it. Total disappointment on this one.


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The Social Space

Marina One

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