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Alexandra Village Singapore

Tjao Sin Wanton Mee

dishes out good old school style wanton mee. It is the noodles that is the real star here.


Wanton Mee

Tjao Sin Wanton Mee dishes out good old school style wanton mee, and you can add an optional fried egg to it.

The char siew used here are lean meat char siew with ordinary tastes. Likewise, the wanton dumplings are decent but nothing to shout about. It has soft wanton skin with decent flavoured meat in a bowl of nicely flavoured clear soup. You can also add a fried egg to your noodles. It has crispy sides and a runny yolk with a dash of soya sauce. Tastes nice too. It is a recommended add on.

It is not about the char siew, it is not about the wanton. The real star here is actually the noodles. It uses a soya sauce and oil based seasoning, is springy and has a nice dry texture. Mix it well with the seasoning and it tastes as if each strand of noodles is coated with a layer of seasoning oil. Nice flavours and tastes really good. My star is for this.


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Tjao Sin Wanton Mee


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