Review: Fatty Cheong Wanton Noodles (Singapore)



Fatty Cheong Wanton Noodles

is a popular stall dishing out delicious Cantonese style noodles located at ABC Brickworks Food Centre.

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Wanton Noodles

This wanton noodles is good. The char siew is tender, a little fatty and sweetly roasted. Its noodles is springy and the seasoning flavours are good. It will be better if the char siew is a bit more fatty and charred.

Chicken Cutlet Noodles with Egg

If I have to choose, I like this chicken cutlet noodles more than their wanton noodles. The chicken cutlet is tender, juicy and crispy. Noodles is springy with nice seasoning flavours. Recommended.


Chicken Cutlet

This very nice chicken cutlet is available for order as a side. If you can’t decide on wanton noodles or chicken cutlet noodles, why not have both? Wanton noodles with chicken cutlet on the side. Enjoy the best of both worlds.

Fried Dumplings

Tender and juicy meat fillings wrapped in a thin wrapper and deep fried till a golden crisp. It is tasty. Good as a side or to snack.

Location: Fatty Cheong Wanton Noodles

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