Review: Burgs by Project Warung (Singapore)

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VivoCity 313 Somerset Singapore

Burgs by Project Warung

is a burger joint serving a selection of burgers and hotdogs. Quite decent.

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Classic Cheeseburger

This is their classic cheeseburger with double patties chosen. The handcrafted beef patties are nicely grilled with juicy and meaty flavours. Burg’s signature sauce, homemade pickled green chilli, crispy shallots, american cheese, lettuce and tomato are added to the soft lightly toasted bun. This cheeseburger is quite likeable.

Hot & Spicy Chicken Burger

The hot & spicy chicken burger is glazed with sriracha giving it a mildly spicy tone. Its chicken patty has a nice crispy crust and nice flavourings. The deep fried chicken meat is sandwiched in between a lightly toast and soft bun with mayonnaise and lettuce. This chicken burger is decent. Choice of single or double patties.

Crispy Fish Burger

The fish burger has a fillet of Alaskan pollack fish deep fried in a crispy batter. It is sandwiched in between of a lightly toasted soft hotdog with lettuce, cheese sauce and fresh tomato salsa added. It is nice but a tad oily. Choice of single or double patties.

Chicken Coney Dog

This coney dog uses a savoury tasting long chicken sausage that is nicely grilled, sandwiched in between of a lightly toasted hotdog bun. A spiced nacho cheese sauce, chilli con carne and sauteed onion bits are added. Some chopped spring onions tops it off. This hotdog is nice.

Original Fries

The fries is fairly crispy outside but getting soft. It is soft and kind of soggy inside. There is too much water content. This fries is just average.

Onion Rings

The onion rings has a nice crispy batter coating real onions inside. This is very nice and definitely way better than their fries. Recommended.

Lotus Biscoff Shake

The lotus biscoff shake is fairly thick with nice milky flavours. I like it that it is not too sweet. Comes topped with some crunchy lotus biscoff crumbs. Nice.

Soft Drinks

The usual sugar laden soft drinks are available here. Seen above are their minute maid orange juice and ice lemon tea. The minute maid is super sweet. The ice lemon tea is sweet too, but at an acceptable level.


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