Review: Old Master Roasted Grill (Singapore)



Chinatown Complex Food Centre Singapore

Old Master Roasted Grill

is a fairly popular siu mei stall selling the usual selection of meats and rice. Just decent.


Char Siew, Siu Yuk

The char siew has mild sweet flavours, is quite soft and meaty. I’ve requested for the fatty ones, however these are still quite lean. As for the siu yuk, it is meaty and juicy with smokey flavours and it has a layer of crispy skin. No fats either. The plain rice has a nice firm texture and is topped with a soya sauce seasoning sauce. Comes with a saucer of spicy, limey and garlicky tasting chilli sauce on the side. Quite ordinary but still decent.

Soya Sauce Chicken

The soya sauce chicken has tender and soft meat. Its skin is smooth with nice soya sauce seasoning flavours with a tint of sweetness. Comes served on top of a plate of plain rice. This one is decent too.


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Old Master Roasted Grill

Chinatown Complex FC

Google Maps Singapore 050335


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