Review: Ah Xi Prawn Crackers (Singapore)

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Ah Xi Prawn Crackers

sells pretty good Fuzhou style fried fritters with a choice of prawn cake, oyster cake and minced meat cake.

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Minced Pork Cake

Ah Xi Prawn Crackers dishes out pretty good Fuzhou style fried fritters. They have two stalls, both located in Beo Crescent area, one in the coffeeshop and one in Beo Crescent Food Centre. These are freshly made at the stall located in the coffeeshop.

This snack comes with a choice of prawn, oyster or minced pork. The flour batter itself is good. It is deep fried until there is a golden brown crisp on the outside, yet it is soft inside with either oyster or minced pork filling inside. The exception is their signature prawn crackers which doesn’t contain any fillings. Instead it has a whole unshelled prawn with at its top, which is fried until it is so crispy that you can eat the whole prawn including its shell. All three choices are good, though personally I prefer their prawn cake a little bit more.


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