Review: Ashes Burnnit (Singapore)

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Ashes Burnnit

sells tasty customisable gourmet burgers in hawker centres. It is Malay Muslim owned with a couple of outlets located in Singapore.

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Ashes Burnnit uses buns that are infused with charcoal powder, giving them a black hue. All the burgers come with an option of single or double patties, and fries on the side. The fries are the thicker type, and perfectly fried until they are crispy outside and soft inside. Very nice.

Ashes Smash Cheese Burger

Ashes Smash Cheese Burger is their signature burger. Shown here is the double beef patty version. Two juicy beef patties with melted cheese sandwiched in between charcoal buns. Wonderful!

Fried Chicken Burger

Fried Chicken Burger is nice too. Its fried chicken patty has a crispy crust, with juicy and tender chicken meat inside. This burger has a mild spicy flavour which is rather nice.


Customised Burgers

Ashes Burnnit does special requests for customised burgers, preferably during their off-peak periods. Check out my example.

Ashes Smash Cheese Burger Ramly Style

Apparently I am their first customer to request for their Ashes Smash Cheese Burger done ramly style (an egg omelette wrapping up the patty) with extra bacon added.

For the first attempt, the egg omelette was too small and was like just stacked on the burger patty. The second attempt uses two eggs for the omelette. Unfortunately it still didn’t wrap up the whole burger patty but fully covers its top. The sauces are on the outside instead of inside the egg wrapper, making the bottom bun soft and mushy. The burger is also hot and difficult to hold onto with all these messiness and heat. However, it is a way delicious sloppy piece of mess that is playing orgy to my tastebuds. One word, power. If only this was made easier to eat, with sauces and cheese inside the egg omelette fully wrapping up the juicy patty.

Go give this a try, it tastes really good. Remember to tell them that you’ve seen this here first.

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Ashes Burnnit


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