Review: Burnt Ends (Singapore)

★★★ Awesome!!


Keong Saik Road Singapore

Burnt Ends

is a modern BBQ restaurant that is voted Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant. Well worth the months long wait!

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Smoked Quail Egg and Caviar

This smoked quail egg and caviar is a bite size dish that you put everything into your mouth and just chew. This quail egg literally pops in your mouth with very nice smokey flavours. This is so good…. What a start!

Grissini and Taramasalata

This taramasalata has lovely savoury flavours and it is so creamy. The cured pollock roe is emulsified with house-made sourdough and olive oil. It is served as a generous spread on a crispy house-made burnt flour flatbead and topped with kombu, chives, dill fronds. This is so good….

White Pepper Chicken Neck

Nice savoury flavours, tender and juicy, and with a burnt smokey taste. This grilled chicken gets a big thumbs up from me.

Eel and Bone Marrow

This grilled eel is simply amazing. It has very nice charred tastes and literally melts in my mouth! Totally reminds me of the grilled eel sushi in Japan. Instead of serving the grilled eel on a lump of rice, this is served on a piece of toast. Absolutely love this one. Daisuki desu!

Beef Marmalade

This dish uses smoked beef brisket that is slow cooked with bacon and beef bone marrow. It is served on a piece of house-made sourdough toast and topped with house-made pickles. It has a nice sweet taste. Very good!

Fennel, Orange and Burrata

This oven baked fennel is served on burrata cheese. It has a nice mild taste of orange coming from the added orange oil. Nice.

Leek, Hazelnut and Brown Butter

This dish uses Australian leek that is drizzled with brown butter capers and toasted hazelnuts. It has a nice toasty buttery taste with crispy bits of hazelnuts. Nice!

Japanese Sea Bream

Sea bream from Hokkaido is used here. We had requested for the onion toppings to be served separately to retain the crispiness of the fish. The fish is grilled with nice crispy skin with moist juicy flesh inside. Tastes really good with a hint of lemongrass. Add the onion toppings and you get an extra fresh minty taste to it. Very nice!

Pakistani Lamb Chop

These lamb chops are very nicely marinated, grilled with some charring, and served with house-made Pakistani butter sauce. it is soft, moist and very tasty. The charred parts are particularly good and the fatty parts literally melts in my mouth. Definitely one of the best lamb chops ever!

Pork and Lettuce

This pork has nice smokey and savoury flavours with a mild peppery taste. Moist and meaty. Good!

Flat Iron, Burnt Onions and Bone Marrow

This flat iron steak is really very good, especially the charred parts. It is tender and juicy, and the fatty parts melts in my mouth. The sauce tastes really nice. Just like their lamb chop, this is highly recommended!

Burnt Ends Sanger

This is their signature pulled-pork sandwich built with brioche bun from their in-house bakery. The brioche bun is topped with mild cheddar cheese and oven baked till it melts. A 12-hour slow cooked pulled pork shoulder is sandwiched in between the buns with chipotle aioli, coleslaw and pickled jalapenos. It is tender and nicely savoury. Good!

Bone Marrow Bun

This brioche bun from their in-house bakery is stuffed with a garlic and bone marrow mix, and oven baked. Tastes really good with their signature charring. Crispy outside, soft inside. Recommended.

Berry Tart

This mix berry tart with an almond flour base is served topped with a dollop of chantilly. Sweet flavours, crispy crust with an airy type of crunch. What’s there not to like about this? Yumz…

Chocolate Fondant and Smoked Ice Cream

The chocolate fondant has a nice sweet taste and topped with a scoop of smoked ice cream. This ice cream tastes of their signature charred flavour. It is simply amazing, wok hei in an ice cream. Way dope!


This marshmallow is nicely caramelised and crispy outside, soft and fluffy inside. It has nice orangey flavours. Lovely!


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Burnt Ends


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