Review: Fatimah Muslim Food (Singapore)

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Fatimah Muslim Food

does the usual Indian cuisine like roti prata, mee goreng, etc. Just average though.

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Roti Prata

Fatimah Muslim Food does a small variety of roti prata. Shown here is the plain prata and egg onion prata. They come served with a small plate of mutton curry that is mildly spicy and fairly decent tastes.

The plain prata has a slightly crispy exterior with a chewy and a bit tough kind of texture. It taste stale even though freshly made. Definitely not a good one. As for the egg onion prata, it has lots of crunchy onion bits with a soft egg layer inside. The outside layer of prata is chewy and isn’t crispy at all. At least this tastes better than the plain prata but it is at most average.

Mee Goreng, Mee Hoon Goreng

Fatimah Muslim Food does the usual fried noodles and fried rice stuff. Available in both red version and white version, with mutton or ikan bilis. Shown here is their mee goreng and mee hoon goreng ikan bilis.

The mee goreng comes with small bits of mutton, potato, vegetables, green chilli stir fried with yellow noodles and egg. The red colour of the noodles comes from added tomato sauce. It is served with some cucumber slices and ketchup on the side. The yellow noodles has an alkaline taste and the mutton has mildly gamey flavours. Not so nice.

The mee hoon goreng ikan bilis is the white version that comes with ikan bilis instead of mutton bits. The ikan bilis is fairly crunchy but turning soft and not exactly crispy. The fried mee hoon tastes decent though. Just average.

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Roti John

Fatimah Muslim Food also sells roti john which comes with an onion and mutton egg combo pan fried with the sliced insides of a french loaf. Mayonnaise and chilli sauce are added on top of the omelette and the french loaf is folded together like a sandwich with the egg filling inside. The outside of this french loaf is mildly crispy and tastes fairly decent. But then, it is not exactly hard to make a decent sandwich.


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