Review: Hua Ji Bao Dang (Singapore)

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Bukit Merah View Food Centre Singapore

Hua Ji Bao Dang

serves an assortment of Singapore style pau and dim sum. Decent.

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Big Pau

This big pau contains a quarter slice of egg with a minced meat filling with some pork slices, chicken chunks and vegetables. The minced meat filling is rather juicy and the chunks of chicken meat is quite smooth. Nice firm pau texture. Tastes decent.

Small Pau

This is similar to the big pau just made much smaller without the egg slice and meat chunks. Comes with a filling mixture of minced meat and vegetables. Same juicy filling and flavours. It is decent though I prefer the big pau version which comes with more stuff in its filling.

Char Siew Pau

This is a petite size char siew pau that comes with a filling of char siew bits within a firm pau crust. The char siew bits has nice sweet tastes from the char siew sauce, and hints of smokey flavours. Quite likeable.

Red Bean Pau

This petite sized pau comes with a sweet tasting red bean paste in a firm textured pau crust. The red bean paste is a bit on the sweet side but still quite decent.

Lotus Paste Pau

This is also a petite size pau contain lotus paste instead. The lotus paste filling isn’t too sweet and has a slightly smokey taste. Its filling has very nicely balanced flavours. Same firm pau crust. Personally I like this more than the red bean pau.

Lo Mai Gai

The lo mai gai has fairly soft and chewy glutinous rice with savour flavours topped with minced meat and a piece of chicken meat. The minced meat is soft with traces of hua diao jiu seasoning. The piece of chicken meat is soft and smooth, savoury tastes. Decent.

Fan Choy

The alternative to lo ma gai is fan choy. This fan choy has a nice savoury tasting rice that is topped with large slices of char siew and a piece of sliced egg. The char siew is the lean meat type that is meaty and moist with a savoury taste that is a bit on the salty side, but still acceptable.

Siu Mai

This is the Singapore style siu mai which comes with minced pork wrapped in a wanton skin. It has a soft skin wrapper with a minced meat filling that is soft with savoury and meaty flavours. Decent.


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Hua Ji Bao Dang

Bukit Merah View FC

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