Review: Four Seasons Cendol (Singapore)

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Four Seasons Cendol

also known as Four Seasons Cheng Ting sells both chendol and cheng tng. Only the cheng tng is nice.

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This chendol is quite lousy. It includes the usual green jelly, red beans and attap chee, with gula melaka and coconut milk added on to the mound of ice shavings. However it is quite bland and tasteless for a chendol. Below average for sure. Don’t bother with this one.


Cheng Tng

The cheng tng here is quite nice though. It is quite refreshing and not overly sweet with the usual ingredients of longan, lotus seeds, barley, white fugus, etc. A downside is, if you order the cold ones, ice is added which dilutes the flavours of the sweet soup slightly. It is not much of a concern if you are to consume it there, but if you are to do takeaway the melted ice might just change the flavours of its soup.

The cheng tng is definitely a way better choice then chendol over over. My like rating is for the cheng tng, whereas the chendol gets a thumbs down from me.

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Four Seasons Cendol


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