Review: Geometry (Singapore)

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is an artisanal gelato cafe that sells nice tasty ice cream flavours. All handcrafted with natural ingredients.

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This is a very interesting flavour, a mix of black sesame and golden sesame. The dark grey portions are black sesame, with strong smoky flavours. The lighter portions are golden sesame with sweeter flavourings. This has a rich sesame flavours and tastes really good. Recommended.

Soya Bean

This has nice rich soya bean flavours. It is just like having good soya milk in an ice cream.

Rum and Raisin

Nicely flavoured rum and raisin ice cream. Contains some raisin bits. This is nice.

Salted Caramel

Rich caramel flavours with hints of salt. Creamy too. Thumbs up.


Tahitian Vanilla

Made using Tahitian vanilla, this ice cream is rich, creamy and sweet with a nice vanilla flavour.

Strawberry Pocky

Strawberry Pocky is just a name for this strawberry flavoured ice cream, and does not contain actual pocky bits. This ice cream has decently nice strawberry flavours. It would be good if it lives up to its name and contain bits of pocky.

Paddle Pop

Creamy ice cream in a rainbow of colours, with a hint of vanilla.


This ispahan ice cream has a lychee base with rose and raspberry swirls. Strong notes of lychee flavours with faint hints of rose and raspberry. Lovely.

Chocolate Mint

Creamy ice cream with nice minty flavours and chocolate bits. This is rather nice.


Dark Chocolate Truffle

This has a nice rich chocolatey taste. Quite well balanced and is not overly bitter and intense. I like it.

Dark Forest

This has a nice dark chocolate flavour with chewy brownie bits. If you like dark chocolate, you would probably like this. Recommended.

Little Nonya

This little nonya is a lovely mixed breed. Gula melaka with light notes of sea salt, coconut and pandan. Hits all the right notes for me. If you like gula melaka, you would probably like this. Recommended.


Mango Sticky Rice

This is another interesting flavour. The orange parts are mango flavoured ice cream. The white parts are coconut milk flavour. It tastes just like mango sticky rice when eaten together.

Passion Fruit

This has a citrusy tartness flavour. Might taste sourish on first bite but once you the hang of it, it is refreshingly nice.


This white peach sorbet is kind of sweet, kind of sourly like eating a peach. Definitely better if it contains peach bits.

Mango Passion Fruit

Mango flavoured with tarty flavours of passion fruit. Quite nicely balanced and not too sourly.

Raspberry In Pumpkin

This is their Halloween flavour. Decent pumpkin flavours with some raspberry bits hidden inside. Quite likeable.



Creamy ice cream with rich tastes of hazelnuts. Contains small bits of hazelnuts. I like this.


This ice cream is full of pistachio flavours and includes small bits of pistachios. It is good.


Golden Flower

This is a chrysanthemum flavoured ice cream with goji berry bits. The chrysanthemum flavours are a bit mild. It would have been nicer with stronger chrysanthemum flavours and a bit less sweet.

Thai Milk Green Tea

Nicely balanced flavours and not too sweet. This Thai milk green tea ice cream has more milk tastes than green tea flavours. It is nice.

Earl Grey Tie Guan Yin

This has very nice earl grey flavours with just a very mild hint of tie guan yin, and not overly sweet too. If you like tea, you will probably like this.

Oolong Rose

Creamy ice cream with hints of rose. However I can’t taste any oolong flavours at all. It is way too sweet for a tea flavoured ice cream. Stronger oolong tastes and less sweetness will definitely help.


Uji Matcha

Made using Japanese matcha powder from Uji Kyoto, it has a strong matcha green tea flavour with a nice bitterness aftertaste. Somewhat like having a strong brew of matcha green tea. Good.


This hojicha ice cream is made using Japanese roasted green tea leaves from Uji Kyoto. It has a nice roasted green tea flavour. Good choice for Japanese tea lovers.

Strawberry Earl Grey

Nice blend of strawberry and earl grey flavours. Lightly sweet with an earl grey aftertaste.

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