Review: Durian Lab Cafe (Singapore)

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Durian Lab Cafe

is a cafe setup by Ah Seng Durian selling durian pastries and desserts made in collaboration with local patisseries.


Cakes & Pastries

Mao Shan Wang Durian Tart

This durian tart is very nice! It has a tart base made of almond nuts. This is filled with Mao Shan Wang durian custard, sponge cake, durian flavoured cream with a dusting of cocoa powder. It is good. Highly recommended if you like durians.

Mao Shan Wang Roll Cake

Unlike the durian tart, this roll cake is a disappointment. It has Mao Shan Wang cream wrapped in a thick and moist sponge cake, and topped with fresh cream. The durian taste is dull and almost non-existent here. Can pass on this.

Mao Shan Wang Short Cake

This durian shortcake is just slightly better than its roll cake sibling. It has durian flavoured cream sandwiched in between the layers of soft and moist sponge cakes, but it is kind of lacking in durian tastes. The durian flavours only kicks in towards the end where the outer coating is. This is at most an average tasting durian cake.

Mao Shan Wang Brunt Cruffin

This cruffin is definitely something better than the two durian sponge cakes. It has a molten Mao Shang Wang and cheese custard core that is contained in a croissant crust shaped like a muffin. The custard tastes nicely of durian, the croissant is mildly crispy and tastes likeable. If only the croissant is crispier and airy, it would be really evil.

Mao Shan Wang Burnt Cheesecake

This cheesecake has a nice cheese flavoured top layer containing four types of cheese. The bottom layer is made from Mao Shan Wang durian puree. Very nicely balanced flavours. This is a must for durians and cheese lovers. Best of both worlds.



Mao Shan Wang Durian Sago

This durian sago is really nice! It has a nice durian flavoured batter mixed with lots of tiny sago balls and nata de coco jelly bits. This is highlighted with a scoop of Ah Seng Mao Shan Wang puree. I like this.

Ice Cream

Mao Shan Wang

This durian ice cream is their signature flavour made using 100% Mao Shan Wang durian flesh from Ah Seng Durian. It is so rich that it almost tastes like you are eating durian puree. If you like durians, you will like this.

Nostalgic Ondeh Ondeh

This ondeh ondeh ice cream is very interesting. It is a coconut based ice cream with nice coconut and pandan flavours. The interesting part is, it contains bits of chewy mochi. It’s almost like eating ondeh ondeh in ice cream form. If only I had it added with gula melaka and shredded coconut flakes, it would have been a really good ondeh ondeh ice cream. Highly recommended.

Classic Vanilla

This is quite a nice vanilla ice cream. It is rich and creamy. Even contains speaks of vanilla beans. It is a little bit on a sweet side though.



Classic Waffle

This is their classic waffle topped with a scoop of their signature Mao Shan Wang ice cream. Shown here are with salted caramel and chocolate sauce.

The waffle is crispy and fairly airy with light fluffiness. Its taste reminds me somewhat of the Japanese waffles in Japan, and it pairs up really well with the Mao Shan Wang ice cream.

I was initially quite sceptical about adding sauce with the Mao Shan Wang ice cream, and I am really glad to be proven wrong. Both the salted caramel sauce and chocolate sauce goes well with the durian ice cream. I especially like the flavours of chocolate sauce mixing up with the flavours of durian ice cream. Just like the group of Japanese ladies seated at the next table would say, sugoi oishii ne!

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Durian Lab Cafe


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