Review: Gu Zao Traditional Curry Rice (Singapore)

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Gu Zao Traditional Curry Rice

does curry rice with quite an assortment of dishes to choose from. Their pork chop is especially good.


Curry Rice

Gu Zao Traditional Curry Rice has quite a number of dishes for you to choose from. Shown here is their curry rice with crispy pork chop, sweet sour pork and egg tofu.

The pork chop is thin and crispy with nice flavouring that tastes somewhat like a five-spice powder flavour on its crust. It is really good. Recommended that you order extras for snacking on. The sweet sour pork tastes decent and is still mildly crispy even though covered with sweet sour sauce. The egg tofu tastes nice too. As for the curry, just slightly spicy and tastes good too.

A nice extra is, their curry rice comes with a bowl of nicely flavoured boiled soup on the side. This is a really nice plate of curry rice. I like it.

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Gu Zao Traditional Curry Rice


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