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Butter Bean

is a coffee and toast joint serving toasts, sandwiches, some mains and drinks. Decent.

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Milky Milo

Milky Milo toast has milo powder spread on the toast with dollops of condensed milk. Chocolatey tastes with a tint of sweetness. Nice.

Say Cheese

Say Cheese toast has a layer of butter sugar spread and topped with generous amounts of shredded cheese. Slightly savoury with slightly sweet flavours. Rather nice.

Battered Fish Fillet Sandwich

This is their battered fish fillet sandwich with black pepper sauce. Choice of black pepper, sesame, thousand island and curry sauce. It comes with a fish fillet, cheese, omelette and lettuce sandwich in between a piece of toast with black pepper sauce added. The fish fillet is crispy outside, soft and moist meat inside. The black pepper sauce has mild peppery flavours. Decent.

Crispy Fried Chicken Sandwich

This is their crispy fried chicken sandwich with curry sauce. Choice of black pepper, sesame, thousand island and curry sauce. It comes with a crispy chicken cutlet, cheese, omelette and lettuce sandwich in between a piece of toast with curry sauce added. The chicken is crispy outside, soft and moist inside. The curry sauce has rather nice flavours, slightly spicy and slightly sweet. I like it.

Curry On Sunshine

Curry On Sunshine is a chicken cutlet omurice with curry. The chicken cutlet is crispy and juicy with nice seasoning flavours and tastes nice with the curry sauce. The white rice has a nice firm texture and the egg omelette covering the rice is soft and fairly smooth. Served on the side is a cup of curry sauce with curry potatoes. The curry is spicy and nicely flavoured, and the curry potato is soft and flavourful. This omurice is quite likeable.


This bowl of laksa comes with prawns, fish cake slices, an egg and fried beancurd skin. Thick mee hoon is used with some bean sprouts and vegetables added. The laksa gravy is slightly spicy with nice dried shrimp and coconut milk flavours. The fried beancurd skin is crispy with a slightly sweet taste. The fish cake and prawns are just of the regular type. The egg has soft yolk and soft whites. Some dried shrimp flavoured chilli paste is served on the side. This is a decent bowl of laksa.

Teh Halia

This cup of teh halia has nice tea and rather strong ginger flavours. Nice.

Ice Teh Latte

This cup of ice teh latte has nice sweet flavours of condensed milk with decent tea tastes. Quite likeable.

Lychee Orange Tea

This lychee orange tea has thin orange slices and lychee added into a cup of nicely flavoured tea. The lychee are the regular canned type. This tea has a slightly sweet taste with a very faint note of orange. It is nice. I like it.

Lemon Lime Tea

This cup of ice tea comes with both lemon and lime. There is both flavours of lemon and lime with the slightly sweet tasting tea. It is refreshing. I like this too.

BB Rose

The BB Rose drink is essentially a rose syrup drink with a layer of milky foam and some jelly bits. Nice rose syrup flavours.


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