Review: Hammee’s (Singapore)

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is a very popular stall selling burgers. Not the best but likeable. Be prepared for hour long wait though.



Hammee’s is a very popular stall where a waiting time of an hour or two is not unheard of. Their burgers come with a side of fries which you can upgrade to tater tots. You can also add extras like bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato, etc to your burgers. Available in choices of beef, chicken and fish. A point to note, the burgers here are not particularly large. If you’ve a big appetite, you might want to order your extras and second helpings to avoid yet another long wait.

Classic Beef Cheeseburger

The classic beef cheeseburger is Hammee’s most popular burger, shown here with tater tots. It has a beef patty, slice of american cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, chopped pickled jalapenos and homemade burger sauce sandwiched in between a toasted burger bun.

The beef burger patty has a light crisp on the outside, is moist inside and nicely flavoured. It kind of reminds me of the burger patties served in Hong Kong’s cha chaan teng (usually found in their breakfast and afternoon tea menus) that are pan fried with a mild crisp. I quite like this myself. Probably explains its popularity.


Crispy Fried Spicy Chicken Burger

The crispy fried spicy chicken burger has quite a thick piece of nicely flavoured fried chicken thigh meat. It is fairly juicy with a spicy taste, but it is just mild crispy. I was expecting something way more crispier due to its “crispy” moniker. It is still decently nice though. This is served with homemade slaw with their special burger sauce, sandwiched in a toasted hamburger bun. It may not be the best around, but still likeable.


Hand Battered Fish Burger

This fish burger is somewhat interesting with its long alaskan pollock fillet sticking out of the toasted hamburger bun. It has a nice crispy batter but the fish fillet tastes a bit dull on its own. Its flavours get a lot better when you hit the bun. The homemade fish burger sauce and cheese really turns this dull fish into a mythical mermaid, just like a magic potion. The sauce and cheese really makes a big difference to its taste. A suggestion, why not extend the fish burger sauce and cheese to the whole length of the fish fillet? It’s just like how you would have mustard and ketchup on the whole length of a long sausage sticking out of a hotdog bun. I like this, but only with the sauce and cheese.

The tater tots and fries shown here are just standard stuff. Worth mentioning though is, these are fried nicely until they are crispy golden outside. Just the way I like it.

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