Review: House Of Dessert (Singapore)

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House Of Dessert

does traditional tong sui desserts, mainly hot ones though some ice ones are available too. Nice.


Black Sesame Paste

This black sesame paste has nice black sesame flavourings. It has slightly sweet tastes with hints of smokiness. Nice.

Almond Paste

This bowl of almond paste has nice almond flavourings. It is not too sweet, not to thick and not too watery either. Quite well balanced. Likeable.

Mo Mo Cha Cha

This mo mo cha cha has a nice flavourful soup that isn’t overly sweet. Contains soft bits of yam and sweet potato, and chewy tapioca. I like it.

Peanut Soup with Tang Yuan

This peanut soup has sweet flavours with peanuts that are cooked soft. Comes with tang yuan with either black sesame or peanuts filling. Both tang yuan has a nice sweet tasting filling inside a sticky and slightly chewy rice ball. Personally I like the peanut tang yuan which contains a crunchy grated peanuts core. Enjoyable.

Pulut Hitam

This pulut hitam is fragrant. Its black sesame rice is cooked really soft with nicely balanced sweet flavours. Some coconut milk is then added to it. Nice.

Tau Suan

This bowl of tau suan has soft mung beans in a sweet tasting soup. Some you tiao pieces are added. The you tiao are soft and chewy though. This tau suan is quite decent.


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