Review: Ji Xiang Ru Yi Vegetarian (Singapore)

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Ji Xiang Ru Yi Vegetarian

is a Chinese vegetarian stall selling decent tasting fried noodles, mee hoon and kway teow with assorted vegetarian mock meat.

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Vegetarian Fried Noodles, Mee Hoon, Kway Teow & Spring Roll

Ji Xiang Ru Yi Vegetarian sells decent tasting vegetarian food with choices of fried noodles, fried mee hoon and fried kway teow with an assortment of vegetarian mock meat. Each serving contains tofu, vegetarian duck, vegetarian char siew, vegetarian intestine, mian jin and vegetables with an option of having a starchy gravy added or not.

The noodles are kind of soft with gravy added. Probably tastes better without the gravy. The kway teow has a mild smokey taste to it, which is nice. Among the three, I like the mee hoon more. It tastes good with gravy added and doesn’t get soft like the noodles. The vegetarian goose is quite nice too, will be better if it is crispier.

You can also add fried spring rolls as a side. The spring roll has a nice crispy skin. However its filling of shredded radish and carrot is kind of bland. It is still likeable though.

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Ji Xiang Ru Yi Vegetarian


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