Review: Jia Xiang Rojak Popiah (Singapore)

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[Closed] Jia Xiang Rojak Popiah

dishes out a different kind of rojak – a white rojak using plum sauce. Regular type of rojak is also available.

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White Rojak & Rojak

Jia Xiang Rojak Popiah does rojak the regular way and in a different way with their white rojak.

Both versions come with the usual youtiao, tau pok with slices of cucumber, pineapple and pear. Some bean sprouts are added as well. Both youtiao and yau pok pieces are toasted crispy which is really nice.

For the white rojak, plum sauce is used instead of the usual shrimp paste. It is not overly sweet and tastes refreshingly good. Likewise. their regular rojak with shrimp paste has very nicely balanced sweetness and tastes good too. This rojak is kind of dry with not too much sauce and it is thick, not the watery type. A generous amount of crushed peanuts toppings finishes these off.

Both versions of rojak are really nice and recommended. If the white rojak is something new to you, I highly recommended that you give it a try. It is good.

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Jia Xiang Rojak Popiah


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