Review: Charcoal Grilled (Singapore)

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Charcoal Grilled

fires up good tasty pork, chicken and mutton satay with pineapple puree satay sauce. Sells good rojak too.



Charcoal Grilled fires up really good tasty satay. with choices in pork, chicken and mutton. The satay are nicely grilled, slightly charred and with a sweet caramalised taste. The meat are all nicely flavoured. Pork and chicken are both tender, and the pork satay comes with a small piece of fatty pork. This satay sauce is something interesting and not commonly found anymore. It has nice rich peanut flavours, is mildly spicy and comes topped with crushed peanuts and pineapple puree. The extra toppings is a very nice touch. Thumbs up for me here.



Besides satay, Charcoal Grilled does very good rojak too. This rojak comes in a delicious mess of slices of pineapple, cucumber, pear, green mango, vegetables, bean sprouts, youtiao and tau pok. The youtiao and tau pok are charcoal grilled until crispy before mixing up in a sweet rojak sauce with the other ingredients. It is topped with lots of crushed peanuts. Definitely one of the better rojak around.

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Charcoal Grilled


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