Review: Jiu Ye (Singapore)

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Tanglin Halt Market Singapore

Jiu Ye

sells a small assortment of porridge and dim sum style chee cheong fun. Tastes nice.

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Jiu Ye sells porridge with a small choice of ingredients. Shown here is with pork balls. The porridge itself is quite smooth with a nice savoury taste. It is topped with some crispy ikan bilis and spring onions with a dash of pepper added. The pork ball is soft and has nice meaty flavours. It is quite a nice bowl of porridge.

Chee Cheong Fun

Jiu Ye also does chee cheong fun with an assortment of fillings. Shown above are their plain, char siew and prawns chee cheong fun. This is more dim sum style chee cheong fun rather than Hong Kong style as there are subtle differences between both.

Hong Kong style chee cheong fun is steamed using a piece of cloth, whereas Jiu Ye does this using a metal tray. You may wonder, is there any difference? The answer is yes, there is a difference. By using metal tray for steaming, you’ve to add quite a bit of oil to prevent the rice rolls from sticking, especially during the process of rolling it up. Another subtle difference is in the sauce provided. For Hong Kong chee cheong fun (it’s known as cheung fun there), the usual sauces provided are sweet sauce and peanut sauce. To be honest, I’ve yet to come across any authentic Hong Kong style chee cheong fun in Singapore.

Back to Jiu Ye’s dim sum style chee cheong fun. These are made to order according to the fillings that you want. The chee cheong fun has a smooth texture due to the amounts of oil used in the process. They are served on a plate with sweet soya sauce and topped with sesame seeds. For both the char siew and prawns versions, crunchy bits of shredded vegetables are added with the fillings. Although this isn’t authentic Hong Kong style cheung fun, it is still quite a nice chee cheong fun to have. Like.


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