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Tanglin Halt Food Centre Singapore

Indulgence @ Commonwealth

serves the usual western food meats with a handful of spaghetti choices. Nice!

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Western Food

At Indulgence @ Commonwealth, first you choose the meat you prefer. Then you choose from a handful of spaghetti options or with fries.

Chicken Chop with Carbonara

This chicken chop is nicely grilled with mild crispy sides and slightly charred. It has crispy skin that is also slightly charred. Very nice!. Its insides is moist and tender. A mild tasting black pepper sauce is drenched over it. I would have prefer most intense black pepper flavours though.

For this chicken chop, I’ve chose to go with carbonara. The carbonara is really good. It has generous amounts of bacon strips, cheese and an egg yolk. Nice tastes, nice texture. This carbonara is highly recommended.

Chicken Cutlet with Chicken Bolognaise

The chicken cutlet is the deep fried counterpart of the chicken chop. This chicken cutlet has a fairly crispy crust outside, tender and moist meat inside. It is decent but quite ordinary. Personally I prefer their chicken chop more especially the slightly charred parts and crispy skin.

For this chicken cutlet, I have decided to go for their chicken bolognaise spaghetti. This chicken bolognaise has very nice meaty flavours using minced chicken meat. It is topped with powdered cheese. Rather nice.

2pc Fried Chicken with Fries

I have decided to go with fries for their fried chicken. It comes with 2pcs of boneless fried chicken, fries and coleslaw. The fried chicken is somewhat bland and dry. Chicken skin is nice crispy but bland as well. This fried chicken is quite lacking in its flavours department.

The fries are sprinkled with salt and pepper, and are a bit on the soft side. The coleslaw is decent though, crunchy with a nice sweet taste.

Fried Dory with Fries

This is their fish and chips using breaded fried dory. Comes with fries and coleslaw. The fried dory fish has a mildly crispy crust with soft and moist meat inside. Comes with a dollop of mayonnaise on the side. Fries are seasoned with salt and pepper. However both the fried dory and fries are both turning soft. Their spaghetti is definitely a much better choice than fries.

Pork Chop with Pomodoro

Just like the chicken chop, this pork chop is nicely grilled too with some nicely charred bits. It is juicy and savoury with black pepper sauce added. Fairly tender meat too. The grilled stuff here is definitely better than their fried stuff.

For this pork chop, I have chose to go with pomodoro which is essentially spaghetti with tomato sauce. Quite nicely flavoured and nice texture. This is a decent choice. Personally I like their carbonara the most.


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