Review: JW360° (Singapore)

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is a concept store by Japan’s JR East group. It comprises of a restaurant, cafe and retail store with products handpicked and sourced from different regions of Japan.

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Japanese Gelato

These gelato ice cream are imported from Japan and each scoop comes with either a piece of fluffy pastry waffle or a sweet potato biscuit that has a sweet potato paste filling which isn’t overly sweet. Both are nice.

Japanese Whiskey

This gelato is made from single malt Japanese whiskey. It has a very nicely balanced whiskey flavour that isn’t overpowering. This is a good choice.

Amao Strawberry

This is made from Amao strawberries from Fukuoka, reputably the king of strawberries in Japan. This gelato tastes of fresh Japanese strawberry, with a slight limey taste.

Matcha Milk

This is made with matcha with milk. It has strong matcha flavours, almost like having strong concentrated green tea. Very good.


This hojicha (Japanese roasted green tea), gelato has a nice roasted tea flavour. However it is a tad too sweet for me. Personally I prefer strong roasted unsweetened taste.


Soba Cha

This soba cha gelato is one of my personal favourites. It has a nice rich soba tea flavour and just mildly sweet. Very nice,

Black Sesame

The black sesame gelato is very good. It has a nice black sesame taste. Even contains sesame seeds. Another favourite for me.

Salty Peanut Chocolate

This has a rich chocolate taste, slightly salty and with peanut bits that had turned soft. Flavours are good, however I prefer my peanut bits crunchy.

Caramel Walnut

This one is good. It has strong caramel tastes, with small bits of crunchy soy sauce flavoured walnuts and sweet caramel bits. Love the smooth creamy texture of ice cream mixed with the crunchy bits.

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