Review: Mel’s Western (Singapore)

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🖓 Lousy

Mel’s Western

does western food cuisine with mainly fried chicken dishes. Its fried chicken is dry and bland. Outright bad.

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Fried Chicken

Mel’s Western does western cuisine, mostly some form of fried chicken as their main. Shown here is their three piece fried chicken with fries, coleslaw and bun.

The fried chicken is quite dry and bland. The fried chicken skin is fairy crispy but quite tasteless. Even the flesh of the fried chicken wing is dry. This is quite a failure.

The fries are crispy initially but loses its crispiness rather quickly and turning soft. Coleslaw is just ordinary tasting ones. As for the bun, it has probably been pan fried as it is very oily but it has no crisp. Bad.

Everything here so fair is lousy. A big fail in my opinion. Next, please!

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Mel’s Western


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