Review: Nan Fang Cooked Food (Singapore)

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Telok Blangah Crescent Food Centre Singapore

Nan Fang Cooked Food

does curry rice with about a dozen dishes to choose from. Kind of savoury.

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Curry Rice

Nan Fang Cooked Food does curry rice with about a dozen dishes to choose from. Chosen here are with pork cutlet, bean sprouts with tofu and fried onion eggs.

The pork chop here is not your usual thinly sliced hainanese style crispy pork chop. It is the thicker pork cutlet type with a crispy fried crust with soft and moist meat inside. Quite nice.

The bean sprouts are crunchy and the tofu is soft with savoury flavours. Likewise for the fried onion eggs, it has a savour taste. As for the curry, it is the light type that is spicy without any coconut milk flavours. At least I can’t taste any coconut milk flavourings in the curry.

This plate of curry rice is decent, though its dishes trends on the salty side in the taste department.


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Nan Fang Cooked Food


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