Review: ABC Hawker Ah Hua Fish Ball Noodle (Singapore)

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ABC Hawker Ah Hua Fish Ball Noodle

serves nicely textured springy noodles with good flavouring. It gets quite a queue during lunchtime.

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Mee Pok

I like this mee pok. It is very nicely cooked with a springy with a dry texture. Nice flavourings of lard and chilli sauce. Comes with a bowl of ikan bilis flavoured soup that contains a couple of fish balls, meat balls, fish dumplings and fish cake slices. The ingredients tastes just like your usual factory supplied fish balls and dumplings, normal springiness and smoothness, nothing out of the ordinary. A note about the meat balls, it tastes more like fish than meat, with the same springy texture as the fish balls. In my opinion, a really nice handmade fish ball and meat ball is Hong Xing Handmade Fishball Meatball Noodle. This one is still likeable though.

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ABC Hawker Ah Hua Fish Ball Noodle


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