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Otah fries is a finger food combo of deep fried otah sticks and french fries. The deep fried otah stick is a unique twist to the traditional grilled otah in banana or coconut leaves. The otah stick has all the taste of a traditional otah with a crunchy surface. It is nice!

O'TAH otah sticks with french fries
Otah sticks with french fries.
O'TAH otah stick fries
Deep fried otah stick.

Banana leaf prawn otah. Otah is a fish paste that is seasoned with a variety of spices including chilli, wrapped in either banana leaf or coconut leaf and grilled. This version of otah contains prawn meat inside the paste.

O'TAH banana leaf prawn otah
Banana leaf prawn otah.
O'TAH prawn meat inside otah paste
Otah paste with prawn meat inside.

Fried chicken wing lunch box. This is a nasi lemak (rice cooked with coconut milk) set that consists of a fried chicken wing, otah, fish cake, ikan bilis (anchovies), peanuts and samba chilli.

O'TAH fried chicken wing nasi lemak lunch box
Fried chicken wing nasi lemak lunch box.
O'TAH different varieties of otah
Different varieties of otah.
O'TAH outlet @ Jewel Changi Airport
O’TAH outlet @ Jewel Changi Airport

O’TAH is a concept store by Lee Wee & Brothers, who are famous for their otah and nasi lemak. Lee Wee & Brothers have several outlets located throughout Singapore.

78 Airport Blvd,
#B2 – 241 Jewel Changi Airport,
Singapore 819666

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