Review: Shake Shack (Singapore)

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Shake Shack

is an American burger chain selling tasty burgers and more. With some Singapore exclusive flavours too.

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Burgers & Fries

ShakeShack serves an assortment of burgers.


This is the double patty version of SmokeShack. It is essentially a double cheeseburger with applewood smoked bacon, chopped cherry pepper and ShackSauce. The beef patty is very nicely grilled and juicy. The bacon slices are crispy with nice savour flavours. This is definitely a nice burger. Recommended.

Shack Stack

The Shack Stack is a cheeseburger topped with a ‘Shroom burger with lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce. Nice texture contrast between the crispy fried portobello mushroom patty and juicy beef patty. The melted cheese is really nice touch.

Cheese Fries

These crinkle cut fries are crispy outside and soft inside. Comes with a saucer of cheese dip on the side, giving these fries a nice cheesy flavour.

Hot Dog

This hot dog sausage is made with 100% beef sandwiched in a hot dog bun. The sausage is nicely grilled, mildly crispy skin outside and juicy inside. It has nice savoury flavours and you can add your own sauces: ketchup, chilli and mustard. I like this.


ShakeShack serves several flavours of hand-spun milkshakes.


This Vanilla milkshake is thick and milky with nice milky vanilla flavours. Likeable.


The Chocolate milkshake has nice intense chocolatey flavours. It is sweet and thick. I like it.

Common Man Coffee

The Common Man Coffee milkshake has nice intense coffee and sweet flavours. Nice. I like it.


The Pandan milkshake is a Singapore exclusive flavour. This milkshake is hand-spun using vanilla custard blended with pandan and coconut, and topped with gula melaka crumble. It has very nice pandan flavourings but a bit overly sweet for my tastebuds.


Purple Cow

Purple Cow is essentially a soda float based on fanta grape with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Nice.


ShakeShack has various Singapore exclusive flavours of their concretes. Each store has their own unique concretes.

Berry Ferris Swell

This concrete uses a vanilla custard base blended with raspberries and cheesecake. It is sweet tasting with light flavours of raspberries and a nice tasting cheesecake layer at its bottom. This is a Great World City exclusive.


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