Review: Pacific Veg Rice Porridge (Singapore)

Pacific Veg Rice Porridge: Sweet Sour Pork, Lemon Fried Fish, Mixed Veg with Rice & Curry

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Pacific Veg Rice Porridge

serves cai png with a decent range of mains and sides to choose from. Tastes ordinary.

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Cai Png

Pacific Veg Rice Porridge serves cai png with a decent range of mains and sides to choose from. Chosen above are sweet sour pork, lemon fried fish and mixed vegetables, served with rice and curry.

The sweet sour pork is firm and meaty, but its fried crust is soft and lacking any crispiness. It is glazed with a sweet tasting sauce that has a hint of ketchup. The lemon fried fish has a crispy batter covering pieces of meaty fish, which is glazed with a sweet tasting lemony sauce. The mixed vegetables is crunchy and juicy with decent flavours. The rice is a bit soft and lumpy, and the curry sauce tastes decent.

This serving of cai png tastes ordinary but still considered fairly decent.

Fried Mee Hoon

Fried white mee hoon is also available as an option. The dish shown above, includes lemon chicken cutlet and otah.

The lemon chicken cutlet is moist and meaty with a thick fried crust that is no longer crispy. It is glazed with a sweet tasting lemony sauce. The otah is a rather thick stab of paste, packed with tiny bits of fish meat. It is decent, but rather ordinary. The fried white mee hoon has some tiny bits of egg, and it tastes decent as well. You can also request to have curry sauce added on to the fried mee hoon.

Overall, this serving of fried white mee hoon tastes just alright.


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Pacific Veg Rice Porridge

11B Boon Tiong Road

Singapore 163011


Pacific Teochew Porridge Rice

Killiney Road

Singapore 239554


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