Review: Cafe Pandan (Singapore)

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Cafe Pandan

aka Sam Yat Coffee, is a cafe owned by Tiong Bahru Pau that serves nice local Singapore food.

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Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is one of the headliners in Cafe Pandan. You have a choice of meat, vegetable and egg. Comes with coconut rice, ikan bilis and peanuts, and sambal chilli. Shown here with is beef rendang, omelette egg and achar.

The beef rendang is the dry type. Very fragrant and nice flavours. Mildly spicy with a hint of coconut milk flavours. However its meat is kind of chewy and tough. Would have been much nicer if it is more tender.

The omelette is a bit on the oily side. With thanks to the refreshing achar with its nice limey taste helps even things out.

The ikan bilis and peanuts are good, crispy and crunchy. Sambal chilli is spicy and lightly sweet and tastes of dried shrimps. Its flavours mixes very well with the fragrant coconut rice.

This is definitely quite a nice nasi lemak in my opinion.


Curry Chicken Cutlet Rice

This curry chicken cutlet rice comes served on a plate of fragrant coconut rice with a piece of prawn cracker. The curry is served separately on a bowl by the side.

The curry is spicy and has a nice fragrant coconut flavour. Contains a few chunks of potato bits inside. The chicken cutlet is crispy with fairly moist and tender flesh.

Mix the curry up with the fried chicken meat and coconut rice and it tastes lovely. I quite like this.


Toast & Eggs

Kaya Butter Toast

This kaya butter toast is crispy outside and soft inside. It seems to be toasted on just one side and retains the original softness of the bread on the inside.

The soft part of the bread is spread with a layer of mildly sweet pandan kaya jam and sandwiched with two small slices of butter.

Crispy toasted outside, soft inside. What a nice contrast!

Scrambled Eggs on Toast

This scrambled eggs tastes more like egg salad than those smooth breakfast style scrambled eggs pan fried with butter and milk. There is a bit of butter flavours in this, but don’t think there is any milk.

This lump of eggs are placed on top of a nicely toasted slice of bread. This may not be a true scrambled eggs, but still tastes decent.

It would probably have been a much nicer toast if this is done Hong Kong style with smooth scrambled eggs on a thick piece of toast.


Desserts & Beverages


This is their other headliner. This chendol has nice coconut milk and gula melaka flavours with green pandan jelly, red beans and attap chee. It is refreshingly good, especially on a hot warm day. Recommended.

Lemon Honey

This honey lemon drink has a slice of lemon with honey water at just the right sweetness. Nice and refreshing.

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Cafe Pandan


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