Review: PS.Cafe (Singapore)



serves hearty takes on savoury cafe classics and generous portions of indulgent cakes, puddings and tarts. Their cafes are usually located among beautiful surroundings, with nice interiors and a relaxing vibe.


Ultimate Fudgy Brownie

Ultimate Fudgy Brownie has a brownie base filled with pecan. It is piled high with lots of marshmallows and dark chocolate ganache. Top it off with a chocolate fudge sauce, and it feels almost like overdosing on chocolate!

Dark Chocolate Banana Cheesecake

A thin layer of cookie crust lies at its bottom. It is topped with a smooth and light golden banana flavour cheesecake filling. This is draped with a soft bitter chocolate ganache. It is a nice tasting cheesecake.

Locations: PS.Cafe

45 Ann Siang Rd, #02-02 | Google MapsBingOpenStreetMap
Singapore 069719
Tel: 6708 9288

78 Guan Chuan St, #01-41 | Google MapsBingOpenStreetMap
Singapore 160078
Tel: 6708 9288