Review: Star Cafe – Tanglin Halt (Singapore)

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Tanglin Halt Food Centre Singapore

Star Cafe

does some really interesting drinks like dates milkshake and corn milkshake. Nice!

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Grass Jelly Bundung

This pretty looking bandung drink has rose syrup at the bottom with evaporated milk and grass jelly cubes added. Stir it together and you get a very nicely flavoured and sweet tasting bundung drink with soft grass jelly. Recommended for those who like sweet drinks.

Nutmeg Drink

This is another interesting drink, nutmeg drink. It is a sweet refreshing drink that is supposed to help with digestion. With all the food that I’m stuffing my face with, I need this.


Star Cafe makes some very interesting milkshake flavours, dates milkshake and corn milkshake. These are not exactly milkshake per se. They’re made using milk and ice in a blender rather than with ice cream, but still tastes lovely. The dates milkshake has nice dates flavours and tastes sweet, but not overly sweet. Likewise for the corn milkshake, nice tastes of corn with mild sweetness. I like them both.



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Star Cafe – Tanglin Halt


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